ESWE Bioenergie GmbH

Overall planning, process engineering and project management

Wiesbaden, Germany

Operational since 11/2003


The project

In 2008, SEEGER ENGINEERING was commissioned by the ESWE BioEnergie GmbH to carry out the complete process engineering design of a biomass heat and power plant based on the fuel of waste wood, as well as the project management for the entire project. As part of the approval planning, it was also necessary to establish a project-specific development plan, which gained legal force in 2010. The construction site is located in Wiesbaden, south of the landfill site of ELW (Waste Management Company of the State Capital Wiesbaden) in the industrial area.

The plant concept

The biomass heat and power plant is designed as a steam heating power plant that provides heat to the district heating network of the ESWE Versorgungs AG throughout the year. The plant concept involves storing the biomass fuel, consisting of waste wood (categories A I to A IV), landscape maintenance wood, and wood residues, in a closed fuel storage hall. From there, the fuel is fed to the combustion process through a fuel sorting line. Combustion takes place in a horizontal water-tube boiler, and the flue gases are subsequently cleaned in a multi-stage flue gas cleaning system.

Technical data


Type of combustion

Grate Combustion

Maximum combustion capacity

46,2 MW

Continuous combustion capacity

43,8 MW


Waste wood (categories A I to A IV), landscape maintenance wood, residual wood

Water-tube boiler

Maximum steam capacity

50 t/h

Continuous steam capacity

47,5 t/h

Steam temperature

425 °C

Steam pressure

42 barabs

Heat recovery

Heat output

2 x 13 MW

Electrical power

max. 11,8 MW

Supply/return temperature (summer)

80/60 °C

Supply/return temperature (winter)

110/50 °C

Flue gas cleaning

Multi-stage, quasi-dry sorption flue gas cleaning
SNCR plant