From individual project development to supporting the operation of the plant


Project development

SEEGER ENGINEERING supports its clients in the development of sites intended for energy supply, specifically focusing on the use of renewable energy. Through site analyses, projects are examined for their viability. SEEGER ENGINEERING can draw upon a wealth of experience in this regard. For the initial steps of implementation, SEEGER ENGINEERING offers to handle the necessary examinations such as permits, economic calculations, discussions with investors, supply contracts for wood, sales contracts for produced pellets, and all other framework conditions required for project development.

Planning services

To ensure a smooth implementation of your projects, SEEGER ENGINEERING takes care of all phases of planning according to the HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers). As a client of SEEGER ENGINEERING you will get comprehensive service and benefit from our longstanding project experience. The planning phases are as follows:

  1. Preliminary evaluation
  2. Preliminary design
  3. Final design
  4. Building permission application
  5. Execution drawings
  6. Preparation of contract award
  7. Assisting the award process
  8. Object supervision
  9. Object support

Project management

For SEEGER ENGINEERING project management comprises all activities that, besides the technical functionality, are decisive for a project’s success:

  • manage
  • organize
  • initiate
  • define
  • plan
  • control

All project participants shall form a project team in order to succesfully implement the project.

Plant operation

SEEGER ENGINEERING offers also heat plant and combined heat and power operation in order to complete the range of services in the field of plant design. The plants which have been managed and comissioned by SEEGER ENGINEERING benefit mostly from this service.

This can include the tendering and selection of a suitable operating manager as well as support with inspection work. Due to the accumulated operating experience of the biomass heat and power plant owned and operated over several years, SEEGER ENGINEERING can provide practical support.

Energy consulting

SEEGER ENGINEERING takes care of energy consulting and optimization. This includes:

  • Energy consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises (KfW)
  • BAFA funding
  • Consultation on the BEG and BEW
  • Energy audit
  • Energy efficiency consulting for commercial and production enterprises

Other services

  • Creation of project standards and specifications for execution and documentation.
  • Creation of documentation for old and new plants
  • Checking of documentation or revision documents including evaluation
  • Evaluation of existing plants