Eslohe school center

Overall planning

Eslohe, Germany

Operational since 2003


The plant

A wood-fired heating system was installed to heat the Eslohe school center, which also supplies nearby properties such as the spa house, a senior care facility, and an indoor swimming pool with heat. Approximately 3.300 MWh of energy is provided annually through untreated wood chips, resulting in the avoidance of around 300,000 m³/year of gas. Approximately 700 tons of CO2 are saved each year. The investment volume, including the 1.2 km long district heating network, amounts to €1.29 million.

The technology

The fuel is stored in a covered push floor system. A scraper chain conveyor handles the further transport of the fuel to the grate combustion. The resulting grate ash and fly ash separated by electrostatic precipitator are disposed of in separate containers.

Technical data


Combustion heat capacity

1,5 MW

Boiler Efficiency


Continuous combustion capacity

43,8 MW


Fuel consumption

500 kg/h

Push floor system

280 m3

Flue gas dedusting

using an electrostatic precipitator

Limits according to TA-Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control)


< 250 mg/m3


< 150 mg/m3


< 10 mg/m3


< 250 mg/m3